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Frequently asked questions outlined below for your peace of mind

If you have a question that has not been answered below please get in touch Contact Us

1) Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance upto 5 million pounds

2) Is a deposit required?

No, but we do ask for full payment on delivery of the inflatable

3) If the weather is bad on the day of our outside hire will we still be charged?

No, we always monitor the weather and should it be heavy rain/high winds unfortunately we will have to cancel the booking on health and safety grounds. Depending on the weather conditions if we are able to, we will offer you a castle with shower cover or marquee's to cover the castle.

4) Can inflatables be used indoors?

Yes, but you will need to check beforehand with your chosen venue that they can accommodate the area required by the inflatable, including ceiling height. Depending on your chosen inflatable the minimum height required is 8ft and the maximum height is 13 ft.

5) Do you provide inflatables for adults?

No, our bouncy castles are only suitable for children, although a parent/guardian of smaller children can assist their child whilst they are on the bouncy castle.

6) Can we use the inflatable outside on grass or a hard surface?

Yes, we can anchor the bouncy castle using either pegs or sandbags, depending on the surface.

7) How much extra room is required around the bouncy castles?

In addition to the size of the bouncy castle we recommend an extra 3ft either side and infront and an extra 6ft at the back of the bouncy castle

8) Can you provide a generator if there is no electricity supply for an outside hire?

We can provide a petrol blower (subject to availability) for the duration of your hire, although you will be charged for the fuel used.

9) Can I rely on you to turn up on the day?

100% absolutely, just take a look at our Facebook reviews. We have back up plans in case things go spare blowers, spare extension leads etc on the van. We also have access to a spare van should ours break down.

10) Will it help if i let the Castle down before you arrive to collect it or if it rains?

While a deflated Castle is easier to roll we would appreciate it if you could leave the castle inflated. The rain pools together on a deflated Bouncy Castle and makes it very heavy and hard to roll, leaving it inflated gives us the opportunity to see if any damage has been caused to the castle while it is at your hire venue or if it requires cleaning, as we like to prepare the castle for its next hire.