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We have an exciting and brightly coloured range of affordable bouncy castles to choice from.

If you want a bouncy castle with a bit extra our Bouncy castle with slide is perfect, it has proved to be a popular choice so make sure you get in touch to book so you are not disappointed Contact Us

The great British weather can prove to be unpredictable but we have the perfect solution, our Disco print theme bouncy castle with rain/sun cover will make sure the fun doesn't have to stop!

Smaller venues and gardens can be difficult to accommodate a bouncy castle but we can recommend our 8ft x 11 ft bouncy castle perfect size and still guarantees lots of fun, also comes with a rain/sun cover.

Venues with lower ceilings are not a problem, we have bouncy castles that require a height of only 8ft Low Height Bouncy Castles

We can now offer our bouncy castles with a DJ disco light effect inside the castle, a perfect addition to our Disco print theme bouncy castle although can be set up with any of our bouncy castles.

If you have a larger party take a look at our Package Deals alternatively you are welcome to choose your own combination of bouncy castles and we will guarantee a competitive price for you.